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Creswick Visitor Information Centre

Creswick Visitor Information Centre

41 – 43 Albert Street Creswick
10.00am – 5.00pm 7 days a week (Closed Christmas Day)

Ph (03) 5345 1114

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Creswick Arts

Arts and Culture in Creswick

Creswick is the birthplace of the Lindsays, perhaps Australia's best known art family.  The Lindsay children were born and raised in Creswick in the late 1800s and early 1900s and continued to have connections with the town well into the 20th century.


That artistic flavour still runs strong today. Indulge in the art, craft, specialty plant nurseries, gardens, amateur theatre and festivals of the town and region.

There are consistent references to the Lindsay's childhood home town in both the visual art and literature produced by the Lindsay siblings throughout their careers. Percy Lindsay painted many landscapes of the town and Norman Lindsay immortalised the town in his novel Redheap.

The Lindsay Arts Trail is a community project to create an interpretive walking trail themed around the Lindsay family.  The trail will comprise 16 sites - one of which will be the Magic Pudding Playground, recreating the world of Bunyip Bluegum and his friends Bill Barnable and Sam Sawnoff.

The trail, not yet completed, will weave through two kilometres of the town, its content focusing on the relationship of the Lindsay children to Creswick. Each sign will be a sculptural installation in itself, built of material chosen for its durability and aesthetics. It will incorporate several sites of rest and reflection. The Trail is based on the premise that each site will tell a different part of the Lindsay family story and that all sites, when linked together, will provide an integrated visitor experience.


Albert Art
Albert Art Studio gallery of Doug Bosher, print maker, pen & ink drawer & sculptor & Jan Bosher, Painter in oils,acrylics,watercolour & feltmaker/textile artist.
Lyn Cooke
Lyn Cooke Art Studio open most days by appointment. Original paintings of Australian Wildlife.
Creswick Museum
Ballarat - Maryborough Heritage Trail
Ballarat - Maryborough Heritage Trail The Ballarat-Maryborough Heritage Trail (“the trail”) is a cycle touring route connecting the major townships of Maryborough and Ballarat via smaller settlements and other points of interest along the route. The route is designed for a country cycle on quiet, sealed and unsealed roads that take in some of the most attractive towns in the Goldfields region: Talbot, Clunes and Creswick. The route progresses through scenic, relatively flat (gentle gradient) country with views of rolling hills and farmland on existing public roads, or off-road paths.